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HOG Crew 2012 Byran, Dan, Tom, Sean, Dave, Brian, Steve and Diane

HOG Crew 2012 Byran, Dan, Tom, Sean, Dave, Brian, Steve and Diane

Hamlet Organic Garden is a community farm located in Brookhaven hamlet. Since 1996, we have grown certified organic vegetables, herbs, and cut flowers on a 5 acre farm field. Most of the farm production is sold as shares in a community supported agriculture (CSA) project.

  • 1940s-1957: corn, cauliflower, brussels sprouts and lima beans grown under management of the Puleston Family.
  • 1960s: fields are left to meadow
  • 1970s: Mahlin brothers of Southaven grow mixed vegetables.
  • 1984-1988: Jen and Pete Clement grow pie pumpkins, peppers, and strawberries.
  • 1988-1996: fields are left in meadow
  • 1996: Betty Puleston, Ren Jackson, Rebecca Burkhead and others form the Hamlet Organic Garden (HOG). Steve Hilles is brought on to farm a small plot owned by Betty on Beaverdam Road. Farm serves about 30 families through a community supported agriculture (CSA) project.
  • 1998: HOG is incorporated as a not-for-profit
  • 1998-2000: Steve Hilles expands the 1 acre garden into a 5 acre farm, with help from Mike, Ben, Phil, and Brian. Much of the farming is done by hand, but Jen and Pete Clement lend their small tractor for plowing and tilling. The farm serves 95 families.
  • 2001-2003: Rebecca Burkhead retires as garden coordinator and Steve continues to run the farm largely on his own.
  • 2004: Amie Hamlin takes over role of garden coordinator and recruits board members Ilene Gelfer, MarciaGrace Tropin, Giovanna and Farrell Decker, and Barry Rockwell to join again. All work hard to reinvigorate the organization.
  • 2005: The farm is energized by an enthusiastic board, new bylaws, and 2 new farmers—Jill Garrick and Sean Pilger—to help Steve. Membership increases to 130 families. To raise additional capital the farm throws the first Fall Benefit Dinner at Painters, raising $4000 to build a new woven-wire deer fence.
  • 2006: Steve transitions management to Jill and Sean. Membership base increases to 180 families, Bayshore and Setauket pickups sites added. The HOG expands into the LongMeadow Field, owned by the Post-Morrow Foundation and preserved in perpetuity for agricultural use only.
  • 2010: Historic Red Barn, epicenter of the HOG and of Brookhaven Hamlet, burns down on January 18th.  HOG grows to 270 shares and expands south into the Horse Field owned by the Puleston Family.

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