What is Community Supported Agriculture?

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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a unique agreement between a farmer and their customers.

Each year, you pay up in the spring for a weekly basket of produce from the end of May through the end of October.   As a member of this CSA you are joining with the farmers in both the risks (crop failure, disease, bad weather, weeds) and benefits (bountiful crops, recipes, variety, direct relationship with the farmer, and access to u-pick items) associated with farming. Your share will vary from week to week, and  there is no guarantee of the amounts or content of your share.  You, the community members, show your support and trust for the HOG by paying in advance for vegetables-this allows us to have a steadier income stream, money at the beginning of the season when we need it most, and a strong, personal relationship with the people buying our vegetables. In return as a member you receive the freshest, most local organic produce possible, as well as a close relationship with your farmer and the land it is grown on. You enjoy delicious food while helping to preserve open space and native wild species in Brookhaven Hamlet.

Just as we grow a diversity of vegetables, over the years we have grown in our diversity of markets.  In addition to the CSA, the farm fields grow food for a variety of health food stores, restaurants, and farmer’s markets.  This diversity of venues for our produce allows us to keep the cost of the CSA low, while also providing flexibility for community members who want to eat freash, local produce, but may not want to commit to the whole CSA share.

The HOG is truly a community supported farm, we have lots of potluck dinners, workdays, and seasonal festivals to help foster this community of families.

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